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FG Xpress Pre Launch

FG Xpress Sub Headline FG XpressYou are about to discover an AMAZING product that is a global category creator! PowerStrips™ are proven to relieve pain naturally and safely. The product works, and it has been approved to be listed with the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device for the treatment of pain.

Pain relief is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of PowerStrips™. You wont find anything else that compares to this product. It’s truly one of a kind and it’s available anywhere in the world!

PowerStrips™ are all natural and combine Far Infrared and Energy Wave technology together with a blend of healing herbs and minerals that produce very powerful results. In fact many people say they feel the patch working instantly!

PowerStrips™ provide the body with energy where you need it most. Wherever you put this patch on your body it will begin working immediately.

FG Xpress has open the door to the entire global market creating a breakthrough opportunity with our unique product PowerStrips™.

One product, one price, patented, doctor-formulated, brand new, first of its kind, category creator and exclusively ours!

Yes That’s Right! Our global business model has no international boundaries creating an opportunity that has open the door for millions of people worldwide.

FG Xpress Plan

Think about it for a minute…everyone pays the exact same for the product, same cost, same shipping ($4.95), regardless of where you live! You can build a worldwide business from day one, and your backed by a well funded and established public company.

You don’t have to “Sell the Dream” here, we simply share a product that works to help with people with major problems and we are the FIRST to market and be global from day one!

So whether your a wanting to capitalize on a global market, or simply looking to earn a few hundred dollars per month, FG Xpress offers an unprecedented opportunity like no other.

We are currently in Pre-Launch and are building towards our Official Launch Event that will be held in Las Vegas in March, 2014. In just the last few months we’ve grown to over 80+ countries, have broke multiple Six-Figure Earners, and we’ve barely scratched the surface!


fgxpressglobalFG Xpress was created to bless millions of people from all around the world, join us as we move around the globe at record pace creating health and financial abundance!

We are currently in 140+ Countries and growing daily. If your an entrepreneur ready to take action and take advantage of the huge global market don’t delay Get Started Today.

PowerStrips™ are a Category Creator and considered to be the future of delivering both nutrition and medicines. FG Xpress positions you in front of a major emerging trend with a product that the market has never seen before!